Monday, April 29, 2013

Project #13

For our SMART project we used a variety of tools. We uploaded, shared and viewed items in Google Drive. We shared emails and texts and well as the instant message feature in Gmail. We used the SMART Exchange for brainstorming ideas. It was very helpful. Using these tools helped to make our “facetime” much more productive as we already had a plan of action all we had to do was implement each piece. Due to unfortunate circumstances that required a member to be out of state, we could not meet to record our project on the planned day.
We used Skype and texting to plan a new day/time. We also used skype and texting to plan possible alternative options if our "plan B" fell through also. Skype was a great experience and it is possible to use it on your phone also! The technology we have learned how to use from this class, has been very helpful with finding alternative ways to communicate and plan.a

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