Sunday, April 28, 2013

Final Report on My PLN

My PLN has been a great resource to me throughout the year. My PLN extends past my Simbaloo page, which has links to blogs I find helpful, Skype, Pinterest, Delicious, Google, Twitter, math-based websites, Twitter, and Youtube. The contacts that I have gained through these sites show the strength and usefulness of my PLN. I have followed everyone suggested in the class. I have access to real-world experiences until I graduate and then even after graduation. I have learned so much from their post and from reading their blogs. Many questions I have that deal with education can be answered by the blogs I have linked on my Simbaloo. ANY question I have, in general, can be answered by Youtube. I believe Google Search Engine, Wolfram/Alpha, and Youtube have been the most useful part of my PLN.

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