Sunday, April 28, 2013

C4T Summary

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Lee Kolbert
Mrs. Lee Kolbert is an educator, blogger, and hockey mom. She enjoys bringing the benefits of social media into the classroom. She co-hosted on a local cable TV show called Palm Breeze CAFÉ. The two posts I have chosen to post on were:
Bullying: Not just for Children Anymore
Why I’m Celebrating National Grammar Day And Why You Should, Too.
The post, “Bullying: Not for Children Anymore”, is about bullying in the work place. It has a video about how adults reacted to coming across a guy being murdered in an elevator. Although these two people were actors, the people who came across this scenario did not know this. Majority of the adults who came across this event, were shocked, walked off, and did nothing about it. If you were not willing to help stop a murder or tell someone about it, are you willing to stop a bully or tell someone? Probably not. If people witness bullying or even a murder, the more people that are around, the less likely they will do anything about it. The bully can be the office jerk, the boss, and one. The rest of this post describes the physical and emotional effects of bullying in the work place. Then it provides solutions such as, talk to family, file a grievance report, rest, file a sick leave if you feel physically affected, and more.

I commented about the importance of publicizing this issue. Adults need to know they aren’t alone either. No one likes to think they are out of control, especially adults. If we tell children to talk to adults when they are being bullied, then who do we tell adults to talk to? This post was a great read and brought to like an important, overlooked issue.

The post, “Why I’m Celebrating National Grammar Day And Why You Should, Too”, is about different grammar problems found in emails and other everyday communication. She states: “Am I the only one who believes educated professionals should be able to write complete sentences? Is it too much to expect people to understand the differences between:
  • your and you're
  • to and too
  • its and it's
  • there, their, and they're
  • wear and where
  • lose and loose?”

She then covers rules and provides sites for people to “get out of their own way” and learn grammar rules. The most important thing is to be consistent. If you are going to capitalize a specific non-proper noun word or use the oxford comma, then you most do so everywhere in your document.
I commented about the importance of grammar, in specific, the Oxford Comma. I did not know what the Oxfod Comma was, so I followed the link she provided. This comma is the comma put before “And” and “Or”, such as in the sentence, “Bob, Sally, and Bill ran up the hill”. I commented that I have been dedicated to using it sentence since elementary school. Good grammar is necessary to be seen as a professional. As a teacher, we will be writing documents, worksheets, and plenty of emails; therefore, we need to proficient in good grammar.

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