Wednesday, March 6, 2013

C4T #2 Summary

Paige Vitulli
Paige Vitulli is a woman driven to bring the Arts into the classroom of all subjects! The first post I comment on contained a video titled, "stem to steAm". The video discussed how creativity leads to innovation, which is then increased by the other STEM areas. Some businesses are based on creativity and innovation and then built by chemistry, math, engineering. I commented on how I thought this video was inspirational and provided good reasoning why we should increase the importance of the Arts in all grades of school. There is a reason why students always ask, "When will I ever use this in the real world?" I don't use what I learned in Biology or Anatomy. Teachers have told me many times, we take such a diverse amount of courses in math, science, english, etc to become well-rounded students. How can we be well-rounded if we do not include the importance of the Arts? I definitely want to include more creative opportunities in my future math class.
My second post on Mrs. Vitulli's blog was on "Integrating Technology and the Arts in Reading and Math". This posted included a Google Slides Presentation that provides links to Interactive Arts sites for Integration, Mathematical Practices, and Common Core State Standards. The rest of the post included pictures of Radial Symmetry, Tessellations, and Notan Designs and a video on the Name Design and Radial Symmetry. The post included instructional videos to each project.I commented on how I did the Radial Name Design Project in Geometry class in tenth grade. Many of the projects I did in school were more memorable than the class lectures themselves. I continued to say how I agreed on how important hands-on activities are in school. I plan on using many of these projects in my future classroom.

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