Wednesday, February 27, 2013

PLN Progress Report #1

My PLN is growing slowly; however, it has been quite useful. I decided to use Simbaloo as the base for organizing blogs I like, such as Math-n-Spire and Better Explained. I have created many tiles linked to websites about teaching tools/strategies I love, such as Flipping the Classroom and FluidMath.
I am currently following 14 teachers, education bloggers, and/or past edm310 students on twitter. I believe these contacts are a huge part of my PLN and I will definitely keep following more people who inspire me or have great ideas. Besides twitter, youtube is a huge part of my PLN! I enjoy looking up videos, tutorials, and teaching strategies that seem successful. Blogger and my new addiction, Pinterest, are also a huge addition to my PLN. I am currently working on learning and using my Delicious account to increase my PLN.
The website where I found this picture is a great website for anyone who wants to know of more sites and software to increase their PLN! I am definitely going to use some of his suggestions!

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