Thursday, February 7, 2013

C4T #1 Summary

Krissy Venosdale
On Jan. 24. 2013, Mrs. Krissy Venosdale posted about passion. She states, “Schools became about numbers. About reports. About data. Points. Grades. Percents. Levels. More data. Stuff. Is a percentage of “facts they know” going to matter in 30 years? Or is that passionate teacher they had who inspired their love of science going to make the difference? ….It’s what counts today and tomorrow and well into our future.” Passion is truly what matters. Have we lost passion in schools?
As a response, I commented about my passionate high school teacher, Mrs. Boswell. She was so passionate, it drove some students crazy! I have heard many times, “How can someone be that passionate about English?!” However, she is the most memorable teacher at the school. She has taught over 33 years and loves every minute of it. Because of Mrs. Boswell and my current Calculus teacher, I want to become a high school math teacher. I don’t want to be a teacher who just teaches how to take a math test. I want to bring passion back into the classroom. I want my students to come out of a class wanting to ask why, wanting to find all possible options. There is a huge difference between learning for a test and learning because you want to.
Mrs. Venosdale is an inspiring blogger, so I ended my comment by asking, “Is there any advice you could give me about bring passion back into the classroom? How have you incorporated it into your classroom?” I have not received a response; however, she seems like a very busy teacher!
On Feb. 7, 2012, Mrs. Krissy posted, “It Might Be Today”—a post on how no matter how bogged down and overworked you feel, as soon as your students walk in that morning, all of that “floats away”. Her students inspire and move her. Each day just might be the day a student will always remember. “One day may just be the best day of teaching you ever have. It might be today. Enjoy it.” I commented on how her posts were always inspiring and designed as “food for thought”. This post really made me realize what teaching was all about. It is a never ending challenge with the best reward of all- the “ah-ha!” moment when a student understands something. I know this feeling because I work with a class of 2nd graders. It is an amazing feeling when you see their faces light up. I know that no matter how bumpy my life gets or how busy and bogged down it will be, my students’ smiles and excitement will make every day worth it.
Since I am going to be a secondary math teacher, it will be a huge challenge to get my students to enjoy and get excited from learning math. By high school, many students have deemed math as hard, boring, or totally pointless. I want them to show them how it is useful and how it is really “cool” when you apply laws to a problem and suddenly you figure out the answer! I want my students to feel successful. I think, if I add technology into my future classroom, more students would become interested or at least give it a second thought. So I asked, “Do you have any suggestions or ideas on how I could combine math and class blogs?” I really hope she can respond to this one!

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